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6/6/2014 13:49MacGregor is over in the middle of the gate!! - Can she still do enough to finish in 2nd or had she given it to Dobson. Looks like the reason than Van Stekelenborg didn't start the race is through lack of rudder. Seems like a valid reason. Up the other end of the course, I have no idea as someone pressed an alarm button on the radio and drowned out the roundings! 
6/6/2014 13:44Rounding the Windward Mark for 49er FX Medal Race 3 - And it is Bekkring leading, followed by Dobson and then MacGregor If it stays like this, then it will be Bekkring wining the series, MacGregor in Second and then Dobson in Third. Actually, it doesn't really matter what happens as those 3 are all most likely going to be on the podium as Van Stekelenborg didn't actually start the race for some unknown reason. 
6/6/2014 13:37Only the 49er FXs still left on the water now and the start is all clear - So while 1st is already decided, with Bekkring and Duetz having secured that already, the remaining podium places can still go to 3 sailors. MacGregor is currently of 47pts after the last race, putting her 4 clear of both Van Stekleneborg and Dobson who are each of 51pts, with Dobson in 4th because of the last race. MacGregor could throw it away if she finishes in 5th while either of the others gets first and could even drop to 4th if the other gets 2nd. Will she go for the win or try and get both of them lower down the places? 
6/6/2014 13:2649er FX Roundings - Van Stekelenborg is still leading the second time they go round the windward mark, having built up a little lead over Dobson in second and the MacGregor in third. Still All to play for both in this race and the next though 
6/6/2014 13:21Roundings for the 49er FX - Leading Medal Race to currently is Van Stekelenborg, with Dobson in second and then MacGregor in third. MacGregor, DObson and Van Stekelenborg are all within a point of each other and battling to be either 2nd or 3rd, so they are really going to have to push each other to try and get it 
6/6/2014 13:1849er FX away for Medal Race 2 - With things getting heated as helms yelling for room and even one shout of protest!! All clear though at the start 
6/6/2014 13:07470s Mark Rouding - And once again, Patience is leading, with Weguelin in second and then Gullan in third. All the FXs have now either finished or run out of time so they will be going into Medal Race 2 as soon as possible 
6/6/2014 13:01470s have started - 49er FXs are lead now by Van Steklenborg, with Peters in 2nd and then Bekkring for third. MacGregor impressively went swimming and have dropped down into last place currently, and unless someone else goes in the water, will end up staying there 
6/6/2014 12:56Leading FX rounding - With Bekkring leading, followed very closing by team mate Van Stelenborg in second. MacGregor is in third 470s look to be in sequence as well 
6/6/2014 12:5249ers FXs... Away!! - With not a single one trying to push the line hard, it was a nice simple all clear start for them. On the other course, the 470s will shortly be going into sequence 
6/6/2014 12:48Into Sequence for 49er FX - Like the guys before them, the girls and guys in the 49er FX are going to be doing 3 medal races today 
6/6/2014 12:3049ers Final Mark Rounding - And it is Fletcher who is now leading, with Pink moving up into second and then Asher in third. Morrison has slipped down but not sure what position, so he may still have the event win 
6/6/2014 12:2549er Roundings for Medal Race 3 - Leading is Makino, with Morrison only inches behind it sounds, third is held by Pink 
6/6/2014 12:21Medal Race 3 for the 49ers gets away - With All Clear at the start. As long as Morrison doesn't finish 7th, then if my math is right, he should win the event with Evans not racing 
6/6/2014 12:15RSX Women get away with an All Clear Start - With Shaw having won the event already, the others are going to see how high they can place. 49ers will soon be in sequence for their last medal race, although Evans has had to retire for the day after kit failure 
6/6/2014 12:0249ers rounding the gate! - Leading the pack is Fletcher once again, so can he actually hold on to it this time? Second is Mankino from Japan who didn't get off to the best of starts in the last race and then rounding off the top 3 is Morrison 
6/6/2014 11:5549ers away on Medal Race 2 - And this time, all of them are able to get away cleanly. The RSX Men look to have al finished now and the Women are set to take over that course 
6/6/2014 11:51RSX Men and Bainbridge is leading - Dempsey is a long way behind him in second, and then Bennett further back still 49ers are going into sequence for Medal Race 2, although it does look like that Dan Evans and Ed Powys have won the event for their class 
6/6/2014 11:3949ers Again - And Evans is now leading the fleet on their final run, with Pink now in second. Third is held by Asher and Fletcher has dropped down into 4th 
6/6/2014 11:3449ers Rounding as RSX Men get away to a start - Leading at the Windward Mark is Fletcher, with Evans in second and then Pink in third 
6/6/2014 11:2949ers away! On Medal Race 1 - A very tight start with everyone wanting to get the best possible position which causing one boat to be pushed over at the start, although none of them seem to be heading back 
6/6/2014 11:2549ers are in sequence - This is for their first of 3 medal races today, with each being a 2 lap course. Over on the other course, the RSX Men are soon to be or are in sequence for their single medal race of the day 
6/6/2014 11:14MacGregor does just enough to get the event win - Sonars have Wood leading, with Wood in second and then Cassell is down in third now. 2.4s have Pascoe still leading them, Matrin in second and then Lucas in third 
6/6/2014 11:00Sonars and 2.4 Positions - Leading the Sonars we have Cassell who has a small lead over Wood and then a little further back is Wood in third. 2.4s and Pascoe is leading the fleet, with Bugg in second. Dugdale then looks to be in third. 
6/6/2014 10:55Sonars are down to 3 boats racing - Parry and crew have retired unfortunately. Nacras are most of the way up their second beat now, although Goto has decided they wantedto go fishing on their run and as of yet still haven't made it through the gate before the lead Nacra goes round the windward mark, and at this rate the gate for the second time as well. Leading at the end of the 2nd beat is Wilson now, with Saxton slipping into second. A bit of a gap then before Phipps goes round in third. MacGregor is currently in Fifth, which means she and Walsh are doing enough to win the event. 
6/6/2014 10:49Nacra Roundings - Lead by Saxton with Wilson close behind in second and then Clifford for third. If the positions stay like this, with MacGregor in sixth currently, it would still be enough for her to win the event 2.4s have also gotten away to an all clear start once again 
6/6/2014 10:48Sonars get on with their last race of the series - The 2.4s follow suit soon after with all clear as well hopefully 
6/6/2014 10:44Nacras Away!! - They are off for their last race of the event, with everyone playing it safe and getting an all clear start. MacGregor seems to have gotten off to a terrible start and currently is in last place. 3 Laps for her to claw back those positions 
6/6/2014 10:39Nacras go into sequence for their Medal Race - This one is a bit less of a decided fleet than the others. MacGregor and crew and currently 9 points clear of second, Wilson. So as long as they finish 5th or higher, that they will win the event. However, finish 6th or lower and let Wilson get first and they will lost it by a point or so. Wind is around the 20 kts on the course, with the Nacras looks fickle beasts for the sailors. One wrong move and it could be a pitch-pole, which would spell disaster for certain people. Sonars are also into sequence with Robertson choosing not to sail in their final race as he is unable to be caught by any other boat 
6/6/2014 10:25So the Finns are all finished now for the week - With Giles Scott clearly taking the event. 2nd and 3rd was a lot closer, with them only being a single point between them before the medal race. However, Andrew Mills was able to hold onto his Second place, and then we had Mark Andrews finishing 3rd overall. The Nacras are starting to appear on the course area, to get ready for their medal race. Race is going to be a 3 lap race Sonars have Robertson still leading their fleet, with Wood continuing to keep second away from the rest of the fleet. In the 2.4s, Lucas is still holding off Pascoe in second and then Bugg in third. With these 3 sailors all within 2 points of each other, the racers are really all to play for currently 
6/6/2014 10:14Sonars going through their gate - With Richardson still leading, followed with a small gap by Wood 2.4s have Pascoe leading the race, with Lucas in second and then Bugg in third Scott is still leading the Finns, with the rest of the positions still being unchanged. Anyone want to guess the results?? 
6/6/2014 10:09Before the Sonars have even gone round their first mark... - The Finns aer going through the gate, with the positions completely unchanged. For the sonars have Robertson leading once again, with Wood in second 
6/6/2014 10:06Lead Finns rounding Windward for the first time - And completely unsurprisingly, it is Scott leading the 6 boats, with Mills in second and the Cornish is sitting in third 
6/6/2014 10:05AS the 2.4s get off to a clear start - The Finns and Sonars are still heading up their first beat. All fleets are looking to be on a 2 lap course as well 
6/6/2014 09:59Finns and Sonars get away - Sonars get an all clear start, but the Finns have someone over, with an individual recall, but the sailor soon dips back to be able to continue racing without worrying about an OCS 2.4s go into sequence now as well 
6/6/2014 09:52Finns and Sonars look to be in sequence - Wind is currently looking around the 21 kts with gusts over 25 or more. Should be some quick boats out there today! 
6/6/2014 09:42Finns, 2.4s and Sonars are taking to the water - All have a start for 1000 or 1005 for the 2.4s As already mentioned the Finns are heading out towards their Medal Race which will be starting at 1000. For the Sonars and 2.4s we have 2 races that are continuing as part of their series, which will be raced just back to back. 
6/6/2014 09:29Good Morning on the Last Day of Sail for Gold, Medal Race Day (for most) - All but the Sonar and 2.4s have medal races today, as it is not part of their sailing set up. 49ers and 49er FX are doing 3 Medal Races, each scoring the usual number of points but are not discardable. For the remaining fleets, that is Finn, Nacra, 470 and both RSXs, they are all sailing just a single Medal Race, with double points in effect and again cannot be discarded. In some of the fleets it is still all to play for, while in others, that first place is already decided. Not that the sailors will put any less effort in of course! 
5/6/2014 15:00So that is the day over! - All Fleets are now ashore or heading ashore to get a good nights sleep before their final day of racing tomorrow 
5/6/2014 14:41Updates for all!! All Fleets are racing their last race of the day - FXs are led by Bekkring, with Van Stekelenborg sitting in second and then MacGregor is leading the rest from third 49er have Morrision leading them, with Asher sitting in second and then Lefebvre is third holding off Makino RSX Men and Dempsey is leading, Squires is second and then Bainbridge is third, with them having finished there race so the results may not be correct RSX Women have May leading from the looks of it, with Hamilton in second and then Finish for third 
5/6/2014 14:27RSX Men get on with their last race of the day - While the 49er go into their sequence 
5/6/2014 14:1149ers go round Windward again! - With Pink apparently in first, followed closely by Evans and the Morrison for third 
5/6/2014 14:05FXs join in with the Mark Rouding! - With Dobson looking to just get round first, followed very quickly by Bekkring and the MacGregor 49ers have Evans leading at the gate with Morrison in second and the Asher for third 
5/6/2014 14:0149ers try a mark rounding! - Evans is leading, with Morrison behind in second and Asher almost on top of Morrison. RSX Men have Squires leading at the gate, with Dempsey pulling himself up into second and the Bainbridge now in third 
5/6/2014 13:54Roundings and More - Bennett is leading the RSX Men currently with Bainbridge looking to be in second and then Squires for third I think. 49ers are away now and FXs look to be in race mode with all clear as well Leading the RSX Women looks to be May, with Finch in second and then Hamilton for third  
5/6/2014 13:50Women of the RSX away for a clear start - As the 49ers go into sequence 
5/6/2014 13:45RSX Men start their second race of the day, Race 11 of the series - The Women go straight into sequence as well, with the outside course gearing up for their third race 
5/6/2014 13:3649ers at Windward Mark - With Evans now leading and Asher only just behind. Holding third from the rest is Morrison who lost out on the beat it looks like FXs are closing in on the windward mark as well, with Bekkering now leading and Dobson looking to be in third after Van Stekelenborg has dropped down into third In the harbour, the RSX Men look to be going or be in sequence 
5/6/2014 13:31FXs round Windward - Van Steklenborg is leading, with her teammates Bekkering behind for second and the Peters is third 49ers have Morrison leading it looks like, with Evans in second and Asher close behind him 
5/6/2014 13:21So 49er FX get away to another clean start - RSX Men are finishing, with the Women running in to follow suit 49ers are soon to be rounding windward, with Taylor looking to be first, with Morrision in second and then third looks to be Evans by only a boat length 
5/6/2014 13:18RSX Women get a clean first start for the day - RSX Men are led by Dempsey with Bainbridge and then Bennet behind him 49ers are going for their second start with is all clear and now into the FX Sequence 
5/6/2014 13:08RSX Men get away to a clean start for their first race - While the 49ers and FXs are finished for their first race 
5/6/2014 12:58Outside Course Roundings - Lead by Morrison now, with Makino slipping back into second and then Evans is now in third FXs have MacGregor still leading, with Dobson looking to now be in second and then Bekkring may have third depending on how their last tact works Inside the harbour, they look to be going into sequence soon 
5/6/2014 12:5249ers already at the gate - But the positions are currently unchanged FXs are rounding th Windward mark, with MacGregor leading, ahead of Bekkring in second and then Dobson for third 
5/6/2014 12:49Lead 49ers is round the windward mark - With Makino leading the fleet, with Morrision round barely behind adn the Lefebvre just behind him. All of the boats seem to be fairly close together at the moment 
5/6/2014 12:4649ers get away - Before the Sonars and 2.4s have even finished their race! FXs go straight into sequence as well and have started with all clear as well 
5/6/2014 12:38470s rounding windward - With Patience still leading the fleet, with Gullan looking to be in second and then Burnet very close behind 
5/6/2014 12:342.4s rounding - With Lucas currently leading and the Bugg following in second. Pascoe is there in third 
5/6/2014 12:28Sonars are rounding now! - Being lead not by Robertson, who is in second currently, but by Cassell 470s are rounding the gate with Patience leading once again, Burnet in second and then Weguelin in third Nacras have now finished for the day, with the Finns soon to be following suit 
5/6/2014 12:20Finns rounding the Gate with Mills still leading - Cornish is in second and the Scott is possibly in third. Nacras are rounding the windward with Saxton still leading and then MacGregor is holding on o second with Wilson behind. 470s have Patience leading, with Burnet looking to be in second just ahead of Gullan, but only just Sonars are away with a start that is all clearand 2.4s are about to start as well 
5/6/2014 12:14470s start their last race! - Nacras hit the gate at the same time with Saxton now leading, followed closely by MacGregor and then Wilson for third Finns are lead by Cornish is looks like, but Mills is very close behind and the Andrews for third 
5/6/2014 12:09Moments after the Finns start their last race for the day, the 470s are into sequence - Nacras are coming up to the windward mark with Phipps leading and the MacGregor only second behind and then Saxton just behind again. All of the boats are within seconds of one another 
5/6/2014 12:03Nacras get away for their last race of today, but someone was over at the start! - Finns go straight into sequence with the harbour course not yet in sequence 
5/6/2014 11:49Finns rounding - With Scott in the lead by around 15 seconds, followed then by Cornish and then Andrews Sonars have Robertson well in the lead again, with Cassell trying their best to catch him and the Dugdale is hold third Nacras are heading down to the finish as the 49ers and FXs start to head out to their course 470s have also finished their second race of the day 2.4s have Pascoe leading, with a small lead over Bugg and then after that there is a little gap before Lucas in third 
5/6/2014 11:42Some Roundings! - Finns are through the gate, with the same positions as before: Scott in 1st, Cornish in 2nd andthe Mills in third 2.4s have Pascoe leading themcurrently, with Bugg in second and the Lucas is taking third Nacra's are led by MacGregor still, Phipps still in second trying to get past and then Saxton is now holding third place 470s have Weguelin being in first, beating Patience currently (which has been a rare thing this week, and the Burnet is third 
5/6/2014 11:35Roundings anyone? - Sonars have Robertson leading them, once more, with Cassell there in second and then Dugdale is third 470s have Patience in the lead, with Weguelin for second and then Burnet holding third. Nacras are already rounding the gate, which MacGregor is through first, followed shortly by Phipps and then Saxton is third Finns are lead by Scott, with Cornish closest to him in second and Mills was third I believe 
5/6/2014 11:322.4s and Finns both have clear starts - The Nacras are closing in/ rounding the windward mark, with MacGregor leading the pack this time, with Phipps a little bit behind and then Martinsen are very quickly round in third 
5/6/2014 11:26Nacras and Sonars get clear starts - With the 2.4s and Finns going straight into sequence as well. The 470s are getting close to the windward mark, with Patience looking to be leading, with Weguelin battling Seabright and Burnet for the other positions, and even are close enough to challenge Patience. At the moment of course 
5/6/2014 11:23With the course relaid, the 470s get away for their second race of the day - With the sonars and nacras beginning their sequence 
5/6/2014 11:03Sonars go for another mark rounding, - With Robertson still in the lead from Cassell who has second ann the Parry is holding third 470s are finished already as well, with them adjusting the course because of a wind shift. 2.4s are still racing though with Bugg still leading, although Lucas now appears to be in second and the Birrell for third 
5/6/2014 10:542.4s have decided to join in on the mark rounding action - With Bugg leading at the first mark, chased by Birrell and the Pascoe is there in third. 470s are rounding again with Patience still leading, but Weguelin has managed to get second and then Kinver looks to be in third as Gullan has slipped to 4th Finns have Scott still lead and Mills follow suit by staying in second, but Andrews has now looked to have stolen third The Nacras are in the middle of finishing, with the races looking to be the 30 minutes or less mark 
5/6/2014 10:47Finngs round windward and already down at the gate as i post - With Scott once again in the lead, followed by Mills and then Mccoy is chasing in third Sonars are lead by Robertson, which is expected, followed by Wood and then Cassel for third Nacras are already looking to be on their second beat, with first very close between MacGregor and Wilson, with third being held by either Phipps, Martinsen or Goto  
5/6/2014 10:41Finns and Sonars get away to clear starts and the 2.4s go into sequence - Nacras are round now, with Phipps leading at the mark, Macgregor is close behind in second and then a little bit of a gap before the next go round 470s have Patience leading once again, but a huge amount already, follow then by Gullan and the third is Weguelin 
5/6/2014 10:36So Nacras are away for their first race of the day - With the 470s following suit very soon after. Both Sonars and the Finns are now into sequence 
5/6/2014 09:28Day 4 of Sail For Gold, with blue skies and wind!! - 2.4s, Sonars and 470s are out first this morning on the inner course and then outside we have the Finns and Nacras to begin with. Warnings are once again set for 1030 
4/6/2014 15:05Finns end their first beat - With Scott leading, only a little bit ahead of Cornish and then Mills is quicky behind those two. Nacras are on another beat, with Wilson being ahead by a huge distance, MacGregor is then in second and White seems to be just ahead of Saxton 470s are lead by Weguelin, with Kinver in second and the Burnet in third. Not many left now with one of the boats seeming to retire 
4/6/2014 14:56470s are rounding - With the leading being Weguelin, second is Kinver adn third of Gullan, although only 5 boats seem to be racing Nacras are getting close to rounding, and MacGregor is leading, Wilson very close behind in second and then third is either White or Saxton, but it is White by less than a boat length 
4/6/2014 14:53Nacras Away with an all clear start, with the 470s still beating currently - Finns to start soon 
4/6/2014 14:48Only 3 Fleets left sailing now! - The 470s, who are inside the harbour have recently started and doing their last race of the day. Nacras and Finns are still outside and are in sequence for their last race of the day 
4/6/2014 14:26Nacras round Windward - Still in the same positions as earlier Finns and 470s are also following suit on the position front 
4/6/2014 14:17Before the Finns or the 470s have finished their beat (Yes the 470s have started) - Wilson, the lead Nacra is going through the gate, followed by MacGregor who over took Saxton on the run. Finns are now rounding with Scott looking to be first there, with Andrews very close in second and the Cornish only moments behind for third. With the 470s, Kinver is leading this race, currently able to wrestle first away from Patience. Just behind is Gullan in third 
4/6/2014 14:12As the Finns are all clear at the start - The lead Nacra is heading round the windward mark, who is looking to be Wilson. 2nd is a close guess between Saxton and MacGregor, but looking like it is going to be Saxton. 
4/6/2014 14:06Nacras get away for their 3rd Race of the day with Finns in sequence - In the 2.4s, Pascoe is leading as they come up to round the windward mark for the last time, with Brooker currently in second. Whittingham-Jones looks to be in third as well. Sonars are on their final run, with Robertson going to take the win, miles ahead of Dugdale in second and then Cassell in third. 470s will be starting a sequence soon and it looks like because of the wind the 2.4s and Sonars will be sent ashore soon. 
4/6/2014 13:46Sonars and Nacras rounding - Nacras have Wilson leading, with Phipps just getting in ahead of White Sonars ar being led by Robertson, with Cassell looking to be in second, followed by Dugdale and then Parry 
4/6/2014 13:40470s Rounding - With Patience looking to be in the lead at the windward, With Kinver and Gullian in 2nd and 3rd. 2.4s are away, although it looks like one of them was over at the start. Finns look to have Scott leading on the run, with Mills very close behind and then finishing off the top 3 is Cornish 
4/6/2014 13:35Nacras rounding Windward mark - And are led by Wilson currently with MacGregor trying to chase them down and the Phipps in third I believe Sonars are now racing as well 
4/6/2014 13:31470s get away after a gap - With the other fleets slowly following suit, although out on the finn and nacra course there are gusts getting close to 30 kts Both the Finns and Nacras are away 
4/6/2014 12:54Nacras through the gate - Lead currently by Wilson still and then MacGregor is there in second. White has taken third now as well and let another set have gone swimming Finns are about to round windward, with Andrews in first, followed close by Mills and then third is Scott Leading the 2.4s is Pascoe, with Luscas only just behind and then for third is Whittingham-Jones 470s have Kinver leading, with patience only a small bit behind. No rounding for third curently and they are on to their final run Sonars have Robertson still fair in the lead, with Parry in second and the Cassell for third, and caught up with the leaders. 
4/6/2014 12:49Roundings? - Nacras have Wilson leading them, with MacGregor close behind and then Phipps rounds of the top 3, although one of the others has decided it is time for a swim at the windward mark!! Sonars have Robertson leading once again, followed by Parry. Cassell is in third and then Dugdale a little bit behind for Wood in fifth. 
4/6/2014 12:46Finns and 2.4s are away as well - But no mark rounding currently 
4/6/2014 12:42Nacras get away with all clear, Sonars soon/about to start - 470s have Patience leading, but Kinver is close enough to challenge at the moment, with Weguelin looking to get round the mark in third 
4/6/2014 12:36So the 470s get away for an all clear start - Out on the Finn and Nacra course there was a brief AP being flown while they got the course set up correctly but they are now in sequence 
4/6/2014 12:29RSXs, 49ers and FXs have all Finished - 470s are looking to be either in sequence or about to as do the Finns 
4/6/2014 12:14Positions for All!! - RSX Men have Dempsey out in front, with a good lead over Squires in second, who himself has a fairly big gap between him and Bainbridge. RSX Women have Shaw still leading, which is not a shock to anyone, and closest is Wilson, with a lead over Manchon I believe. 49ers have Hunter still leading, with Flethcher looking to be in second but only just ahead of Hawkins and Monterio FXs are led by Van Steklenborg, followed by Bekkring for second and then Brewster in third 
4/6/2014 12:0749ers going round windward - With Hunter going round first, followed shortly by Asher and then Tobutt rounds off the top 3 For the RSX Men, Dempsey is still sitting in first, having opened up a gap between Bainbridge, who have Van T Hoff right beside him 
4/6/2014 12:0349ers and FXs have started their next race - And the tracker is working for me again currently so I hope to keep you guys a little more updated! RSX Men look to be lead by Dempsey, with Bainbridge very very close to him and then Bennet for third RSX Women have Shaw leading my a mile once again, Wilson is second and then Manchon looks to be in third 
4/6/2014 11:58RSX Women get away with an individual recall - Men are led by Dempsey at the windward and then Bainbridge is in second 49ers are into sequence 
4/6/2014 11:56Men RSX away for thei final race, with the RSX Women soon to follow - Not sure what is happening on the 49er and FX course but there were having to change the course slightly 
4/6/2014 11:39Afternoon Fleets are heading out - With the racing fleets all looking to be starting their last races soon, the sailors to are racing second are starting to take to the water, with gusts of 24kts in the harbour and possibly more outside 
4/6/2014 11:35Gate Positions for FXs - MacGregor is still holding on to first place by Van Steklenborg is doing everything to try and get past. Third is held by Brewster but Bekkring is close enough to possibly take it. With the RSX Women, we still have Shaw leading them 
4/6/2014 11:30More Positions! - RSX Men are lead currently by Dempsey, getting ahead of Squires for that first place. 49ers have Evans leading still, managing to stay ahead of his compeition. FXs have MacGregor leading them, wiht Van Steklenborg trying to get past and then come the rest 
4/6/2014 11:27Positions!! - Shaw is leading the RSX Womens fleet, once again looking to secure another first. 49ers have Evans leading them in their second race of the day, with Lefebvre behind him in second 
4/6/2014 11:22FXs are away with an All Clear Start - RSX Men are being led by Squires at the windward mark, chased by Dempsey close behind and then Bennett is sitting in third currently 
4/6/2014 11:19RSX Men are away, with the 49ers and RSX Women following suit! - Hopefully none of you guys are having tracker problems! 
4/6/2014 10:58Positions - ish! - So I seem to be unable to see the tracker at the moment, which means relying on radio messages from the bridge, which is tricky as there is a lot of radio traffic this morning with the course positions. On the RSX Dempsey seems to have cemented his lead over the rest of the fleet 49ers now have Evans leading them, with Tobutt for second place and Fletcher now in third place. FXs seem to be lead now by Dobson who took Van Steklenborg on the run 
4/6/2014 10:47Mark Roundings for all! - FXs are bring led by Van Steklenborg in first, Dobson in second and the Bekkring for third. 49ers are all chasing Asher who currently has first, with Pink being closest to catchin them in second and close behind is Evans when at the gate. RSX Men have Dempsey still in the lead I believe with the positions unchanged. RSX Women pnce again have Shaw leading their race, with May is second but who is in third I do not know as not all of the tracker links seem to be working for me :( 
4/6/2014 10:40RSX Women and FXs are away as well! - RSX Men are already going round mark 1, with Dempsey leading currently, York behind him in second and then Bainbridge has 3rd 
4/6/2014 10:33Races are a go! With both fleets all clear - With both the 49ers and the RSX Men away with a nice 10-13 kts of wind for each of them they should get a nice good day of racing in! FXs and RSX Women are set to start 5 minutes after 
4/6/2014 09:39Welcome to Day 3 of the Sail For Gold Regatta! - So it has chosen to turn cloudy in the weather department today, but plenty of wind so that is something at least! First up today we have the 49ers and FXs outside the harbour wall and inside the RSX Men and Women, with a warning signal scheduled for 1030 for both courses and 3 races planned. Later on today we have the 2.4s, Sonars, 470s, Nacras and Finns who should be having a warning signal around 1230 and have 4 races planned 
3/6/2014 14:5349ers heading to final run - Led still by Evans, 2nd Fletcher and then finishing off the top 3 we have Asher. Tracker is a little behind the actual events, but with the amount of people trying to watch it I guess that is expected. With the FXs I know that currently we have Van Steklenborg in first, Peter seems to be in second and then MacGregor is finishing off the top 3 They are all heading for the finish now so the results will be up shortly! 
3/6/2014 14:46RSXs and Others - So the RSX Men have all finished their Race 6, with the Women going round the windward for the last time and Shaw having a absolutely huge lead over everyone else! Hamilton is in second, and by that time Shaw is a third of the way to the finish line. Manchon is in third as well. The RSXs are only doing the 3 races as their class rules state they can only do a maximum of 3 a day, so the Sailing Instruction may need to be updated so as not to confuse the guys in the bridge! 49ers are lead by Evans at the gate, with Asher in second and then Fletcher has third. FXs are lead by someone, although on my tracker the sail number said doesn't seem to be appearing on my screen, so I think Van Steklenborg is leading, with MacGregor in second and then someone in third 
3/6/2014 14:38RSX Roundings - With Shaw once again leading the Womens for Race 6 with Hamilton some way behind but well infront of Wilson in third and Manchon for fourth For the Men, Dempsey leads still, with Squires a while behind and then Van T Hoff close behind in third. Rumours are that the RSXs are only going to be doing 3 races today, but more will follow to confirm. 49ers have started their last race of the day and FXs are in sequences due to start soon 
3/6/2014 14:30Men RSX Roundings - ANd Dempsey is back in the driving seat of the fleet, rounding first, with Van T Hoff or Bennet if second and then Bushell close behind those two. Only moment before the RSX Women got away for a clear start and the 49ers will soon being going into sequence for their last race of the day 
3/6/2014 14:20RSXs are starting their Race 6 - AS they do so, the 49ers round the windward mark for another time, with Asher continuing to hold onto first place, Evans also sitting pretty in second but Pink looks to have taken third. FXs are lead by Van Steklenborg with Bekkering behind them and the MacGregor is holding third from the rest 
3/6/2014 14:13FXs Round the first mark as 49ers do the second - Leading the FX we have Bekkering, followed very closely by Van Dijk, who we haven't really seen up her before, and then MacGregor is in third For the 49ers the positions are Asher still leading, then Evans for second and Tobutt for third RSX Men look to have finished their Race 5 and Women seem to have followed suit 
3/6/2014 14:0949er Roundings - Asher is leading, just ahead of Evans in second and then Hunter looks to have 3rd, but unfortunately one of the boats seems to be heading ashore for an unknown reason 
3/6/2014 14:03Mark Roundings, again! - RSX Men are still lead by Van T Hoff, with Dempsey trying to see if he can catch him from second and then Squires is in third, although I can't see him on the tracker some of the time? Women are being boring and having Shaw in the lead again, with Manchon in second. Third though is held by May currently so a bit of change there! FXs have started as well now 
3/6/2014 13:57RSX Women are away, as well the 49ers and the FXs are in sequence - Leading the RSC Men is Van T Hoff, chased by Dempsey and then finally Bainbridge in third 
3/6/2014 13:51RSX Men start Race 5 with the Women in sequence - And while the mark boats do a lot of effort the get the course ready, they do have some spare moments, which they seem to like spend watching the Kite Surfers who are playing about in the harbour, wondering if that something they might ever be able to do 
3/6/2014 13:4549ers Round again! - Lead still by Lefebvre who hasn't dropped from first since the first mark, with Evans for second and then Morrison is sitting in third. For the FXs, MacGregor is still holding first, Bekkring is staying close with second and then Dobson looks to be in third 
3/6/2014 13:35FXs Rounding Mark 1 - Lead by MacGregor, followed by Bekkring and then Van Steklenborg with others close behind her in third. 49ers are beginning their second beat still lead by Lefebvre, who doesn't seem to be appearing on the tracker in the right place (ie not on the harbour wall) with Evans chasing in second and then Fletcher for third 
3/6/2014 13:3049ers ad FXs are into Race 6 - Morrison seems to be leading as they get close to the windward mark for the first time, with Evans in second and then Fletcher for third But as they round Evans just manages to get in ahead 
3/6/2014 13:25RSX Roundings Anyone? - So the the Women, we have Shaw well in the lead, pretty much unassailable there, with Manchon in second well ahead of anyone behind her. Hamilton is in third with a small gap between fourth. For the Men, Dempsey is still leading I believe, but currently I can't see what is happening in that race through the tracker so not sure on anything in that race 
3/6/2014 13:16RSXs are flying round the course! 49ers and FXs are soon to be starting Race 5 - Men are onto their second lap, with Dempsey leading and then Squires and Bainbridge for 2nd and 3rd. Women are lead by Shaw, with Wilson and Manchon close behind 
3/6/2014 13:09SO the RSX Men are away with 49ers and FXs finished - Looks like outside the wall we are having very short races of about the 20-25 minutes mark all day! 
3/6/2014 12:5849ers rounding/round windward and FXs on second beat - 49ers now have Hunter in the lead, with Makino possibly being in second and then Evans or Morrison for third FXs have Van Steklenborg in the lead still, MacGregor looks to be in second if her tactics on the beat work out for her and then Bekkering in third, very close to her team mate Van Steklenborg 
3/6/2014 12:4949ers and FXs are into their first race of the day - As the Sonars and 2.4s are finishing of their Race 7 and the 470s head home. Leading the 49ers are Hunter, with Morrison in second and then Nawkins for third, but the fleet is fairly close so still anyone's currently FXs have Van Steklenborg in the lead, MacGregor is second and then Bekkering has third as they beat to the windward 
3/6/2014 12:36Sonars are rounding - Lead by Robertson, who seems to be back in his usual place now, with Wood in second, Dugdale in third. Cassell is down in fourth and then Parry in fifth. 2.4s have Bugg in the lead, only just ahead of Lucas in second and then Brooker in third but with several other boats within striking, it looks to be a close race. 470s and Patience has built up a good lead with Weguelin in second too far to really challenge. Third is Kniver with Burnet close enough to try and take them 
3/6/2014 12:262.4s get away with an All Clear start - 470s are rounding/rounded mark one lead unsurprisingly by Patience, who has Burnet in second and then Weguelin holding third from Kinver Nacras have finished now for the day, with the Finns heading to do the same 
3/6/2014 12:19470s are away with the Sonars following - Nacras are rounding the windward mark for the last time, with their positions seeming to be unchanged since the last update Finns are on their final beat as well, lead still by Mills, I think, with Scott battling it out with Hadden for second 
3/6/2014 12:12Finns decide to round the windward mark - Lead by Mills with Scott chasing him down from second place. Third is being held by Cornish with Hadden in fourth looking for an opening. Nacras are on their second beat still being led by Wilson, who is miles ahead of Phipps, who is in second and then MacGregor is in third with space between fourth 
3/6/2014 12:04Finns are away for their final race of the day... - As the Nacras get close to the first mark being lead by Phipps and second take up by Wilson. 3rd we have Hudson but MacGregor may be able to get to the mark ahead, but only just. 
3/6/2014 11:55Sonars and 2.4s are still racing at the moment, with Nacras soon/just starting - Leading the 2.4s we have Pascoe on the 2nd beat with Birrell in 2nd place and then Bugg slotting third place. Sonars still have Cassell leading with Robertson now in second and hunting the leader down, Dugdale is in third therefore with Wood fourth and then parry in fifth 
3/6/2014 11:42Sonars have rounded Mark one! - And it isn't Robertson leading this time!! Cassell seems to be leading, with Dugdale getting second and Robertson in third. Finns are also rounding, with Mills leading and then Cornish up in second now. Third is Mills and then Scott has dropped down to fourth now Nacras have finished their second race again Leading the 2.4s we seem to have Street, but Whittinham-Jones may well be close enough to make it a real battle between the two and third is Pascoe 
3/6/2014 11:32Sonars get away, with a individual recall put up as some one plays chicken with the line! - 470s as they head to the windward/round the windward are let again by Patience with Burnet looking to possibly be in second and then Seabright might be third with several others around them Nacra's currently have Wilson leading them, with MacGregor dropping down behind them and then Martinsen and White are battling for third 2.4s get away in the time it has taken me to get the above information!! Finns are beating once more with Scott and Andrews close together going round, but Scott barely ahead and then Cornish looks to have taken third on the run. 
3/6/2014 11:23Finns are away with an all clear start, As do the 470s - As the Nacras head for the windward mark, MacGregor seems to be leading with both Wilson and Phipps very close to each other for that 2nd place but a little way ahead of the rest of the fleet 
3/6/2014 11:17Nacra's are Away for their Race 6 of the series - Finns are into sequence but the inside course don't currently look to be in sequence at present 
3/6/2014 10:572.4s Rounding followed quickly by 470s - Leading the fleet is Birrell followed by Bugg in second and then Street for third. Tracker seems to all working for me today so hopefully will be able to keep you up to date although the races are looking like being around the 20-25 minute mark today 470s are looking unchanged for the front 2 with Weguelin and Seabright hard at working trying to take third from the other Nacras having finished their first race Finns are heading round the windward mark for the second time with Scott still in first and Mills sitting happy in second. Mccoy is in third having built up a little bit of a lead from the rest of the fleet Sonars are heading up to the windward mark 
3/6/2014 10:46470s Rounding - With Patience looking to be leading once more, followed close though by Burnet and then leading the pack is Weguelin. Nacras are also on their 2nd beat with White still leading and Wilson staying in second, but MacGregor is battling it out for third with Phipps. And before I even have time to post this they are round the mark with White still leading and Wilson chasing, and MacGregor just pipped Phipps to the mark Finns are let yet again by Scott, who is follow by Mills only a few lengths behind and then Andrews finishes off the top 3 2.4s get away with an all clear start as well Sonars are still beating at the moment, but Robertson looks to be leading just behind him is Cassell and then third is Dugdale and fourth Wood, but all of them at close so it is still for all. Just rounding in the positions mentioned 
3/6/2014 10:41With the Finns just starting, the Nacras are rounding their first mark - Leading is White, followed closely by Wilson and the MacGregor is in third. Looks like we are having very short races, today The 2.4s are away in 5 min 
3/6/2014 10:38Both Nacras and the 470s are away with what look to be clear starts - Finns and Sonars are straight into sequence as well 
3/6/2014 10:01Finns and Nacras are all heading out now - With them having the furthest to sail for their warning at 1030 they look like everyone should be there ready. The other fleets are also in the middle of launching, those who are racing this morning of course 
3/6/2014 09:17Good Morning on Day 2 of Sail For Gold! - So it will be another full day this Tuesday, with all fleets scheduled for racing again. Wind is meant to be slowly swinging to being more Southerly, with it currently being a westerly as we wake up! 49ers, 49er FXs and both Men and Women's RSXs are all out later with their warning signals set for 1230 with 4 races also For the rest of the fleets, that is the 2.4s, Sonars, 470s, Finns and Nacras, they all have to be up a bit earlier than yesterday with their warning at 1030 but they do have 3 races instead. 
2/6/2014 17:08So that is all of the racing finished for the day, with all of the boats back ashore - Results are being entered slowly with there being a few issues getting the results being loaded up onto the website, but hopefully those issues should be fixed as well! More... 
2/6/2014 15:51Positions Everyone?! - Finns to start with and Scott is leading yet again, with Mills looking to be very close behind and then Cornish helping himself to third. Nacra's I seem to have lost tracking again so no updates for their positions sorry! Sonars look like they may have finished, with it looking like Robertson, Cassell, Dugdale and the Wood, although of course I may well be wrong on those 470s have finished now as well 
2/6/2014 15:28Nacras have a start, but with 2 horns heard, it looks like someone was over (naughty!) - Sonars, who are also on Race 4 but on the tracker watch Race 3, are led by Robertson, with Cassell in second and then Dugdale just ahead of Wood 470s are still in the same positions we left them on as the beat once more. Finns are yet to start 
2/6/2014 15:23So both Sonar's and 470's are away for their 4th and final Race - If watching the 470s on the tracking, then watch using Race 3 as there doesn't seem to be an option for Race 4, but you still get the correct view!! Speaking of 470s, once again Patience is leading their fleet with Kinver hunting him down while being chased themselves by Burnet and Weguelin 
2/6/2014 14:59Positions, Positions, Positions!! - With the Nacra's MacGregor is now leading managing to get ahead of Phipps on the beat, although it is still close as they go into their final run, so that win is still up for grabs. Wilson is ahead of the rest of the pack and should get third Sonars are finishing, with their positions looking unchanged from their last update from me For Finns, Scott is still leading with Mills just ahead of Mccoy and Cornish hunting them down from fourth 
2/6/2014 14:46About time for some Positions! - Sonars are being lead by Robertson who seems to have a huge lead over the other 3 boats, with it then being Dugdale, Cassell and then Wood 470s have Patience in the lead again, followed by Lavery and then Weguelin but all of that fleet are pretty close together Scott is leading the Finns, with Andrews in second. Third is being battled out by Mills, Cornish and Mccoy, so that position is still up for grabs Nacras (who I can actually track now!) are being lead by Phipps who is barely ahead of MacGregor in second and the third is Saxton Unfortunately I still have no 2.4 tracking available 
2/6/2014 14:28So Starts of Race 3 for the 470s and now the Sonars as well - 2.4s soon to follow but as I have no tracking ability on both them and the Nacra's I will have some difficulties give you positions!! Finns and Nacra's to start in the next 10-15 minutes 
2/6/2014 13:53Positions Please?? - Sonars are being lead by Robertson still, with Cassell in second, Dugdale in third and then Wood finishing the pack 470s have Patience leading them with Seabright shortly behind and then it looks like Lavery will be third round the windward mark 
2/6/2014 13:37Both 470s and Sonars are away! - With no one playing chicken with the start gun this time, although I still have no tracking for the 2.4s 
2/6/2014 13:24Finns at the windward mark! - Leading is Scott with Cornish a little while behind and then Mills pretty much on his stern. None of the others who have finished are yet to start their next race, although the 470s look like they are going into sequence 
2/6/2014 13:20So Nacras rounding marks, with Finns beating up behind them - Leading the pack is Saxton, still building up more of a lead over Wilson, with White only just leading Phipps 
2/6/2014 13:08Tracking seems to be working again with the Sonar and 2.4 - So currently leading the Sonar is Robertson with a large gap between him and Dugdale in second and then Cassell in third and as there are only 4 boats racing in 4th is Wood For the Nacra's Saxton looks to be in the lead after going through the gate, with Phipps going up the opposite tact in second and then Wilson chasing Saxton in third on the same tact. 470s look to have finished with me having no idea who finished where with the tracker issues I had earlier. Okay so the 2.4 tracker seems to not be completely working yet, will give some places when fully up and running 
2/6/2014 12:54470s rounded leeward mark with positions looking to be very similar if not unchanged! - Currently I have no positions for the sonar class on the same course, as I seem to not be able to see a tracker for them or the 2.4s. Hopefully it is just my computer and I will be able to give you positions soon enough. Finns hope to start within the next few minutes 
2/6/2014 12:44Nacras are away will an all clear start, followed very shortly by the 2.4s - 470s are rounding with Patience leading, Lavery following and closely chased by Weguilin in third 
2/6/2014 12:40Sonar sailors away, along with the 470s - Although someone did decide to jump the gun and be course side at start, no mention of them dipping back yet though 
2/6/2014 12:20Some Positions! Oh and Results are now up on the site! - So leading the RSX Men we seem to have Martin with a huge lead between Dempsey who has Squires only a short distance behind him and then Master close by as well. RSX Women are lead once again by Shaw, with Manchon looking to be in second and then Coghill and May battling for third 49ers look to have Asher just in the lead with both Pink and Makino close but doing a different beat but Evans looks like he might be up there as well. FXs seem to be lead by Dobson, with MacGregor and Peters on opposite tacts and very very close in terms of distance to the mark 
2/6/2014 11:53So currently no results want to up load - But fear not, I will post the top 5 sailors in each class according to the results that I can see! All fleets are heading out to the water who were still onshore to reach their courses ready for the start and all the fleets racing have started their last races of the day More... 
2/6/2014 11:44So Finns are starting to take to the water!! - As they do so, 49ers and FXs are still finishing their second race, while on the RSX course they relay a mark or two because of a small wind shift 
2/6/2014 11:34Some positions, again! - AS the 49ers head down wind it is currently Evans leading, although with both Asher and Makino very close with him, the race is still very much up for grabs, even more so with Pink and Tobutt and more close behind them In the FXs Bekkring leading on their run, but who next I have no idea as I am currently getting not a lot from the race teams! RSX Men we have Martin to have looked to have taken first in the race, with Dempsey in second and then Squires maybe in third. For the RSX Women Shaw is leading once again, having built up a little bit of a gap between Manchon in second who has Hamilton and Coghill behind battling for third 
2/6/2014 11:30So all fleets out on the water are racing - With the RSX Men rounding the leeward marks and the Women soon going round the windward. On the other course we have the 49ers soon to be rounding the windward and the the FXs part way up their beat 
2/6/2014 11:24RSX Women and 49ers are away with all clear starts too - Just the FXs left to go and somehow I guess they will be a clear start as well. For some very strange reason! 
2/6/2014 11:20RSX Men away with no one over the start - Which almost make it look like they know what they are doing, with the SX Women to start shortly 
2/6/2014 11:11Want to see the races live(ish)?? - All this week there will be official tracking of the sailors while out on their courses! More... 
2/6/2014 10:55Some Positions! - So in the 49ers we seem to have Makino currently leading, who is from Japan, and then behind in second is Evans and Morrison who are close enough on different tacts that it is hard to work out who is leading. FXs we have Brit helm Dobson and crew leading, but with the three boats of Peters, Bekkering and Van Stekelenborg all close behind, there is not clear cut leader with that fleet. RSX Men still have Dempsey in the lead and are looking like coming in for a finish with Martin currently having second and then Masters to finish off the top three RSX Women we have Shaw leading with Manchon in second and then Coghill, McWilliams and Hamilton all close together 
2/6/2014 10:45RSXs Male going around the lead mark! - From the looks of it, Dempsey is currently leading the group, with Martin in second and then both Masters and Bushell are battling it out for third. As they do so they have the RSX Women coming up the beat heading for their first mark rounding 
2/6/2014 10:37Both Starts away!! - All 49ers and FXs on one course and RSXs Men on the other are away, with no recalls or anything of the like. RSXs Women are also about to be away 
2/6/2014 10:01RSXs leave the shore as well - With that being if for a little while as while both of the two mentioned fleets so far have a scheduled start at 1030, the rest of the fleets are not until 1230 
2/6/2014 09:47First Fleet leaving the shore! - Having the furthest of the two race courses to go, the 49ers and FXs are leaving the shore to head out towards their race area for their scheduled 3 races for the day 
2/6/2014 09:02Good Morning and Welcome to Day One of Sail for Gold 2014 - Currently the wind is yet to make a proper appearance as although the speed is an average of around 8kts, it has yet to have decided to hold from a steady direction. More... 
1/6/2014 18:49All quiet here at the WPNSA of course - But here is a link for how the weather will be, with it updating for you when you want to see what wind our sailors are dealing with! More... 
1/6/2014 13:16Sail for Gold 2014 - Welcome to WPNSA for Sail for Gold 2014 where there are blue skies and wind, with it looking like a good start to the week for the event More... 
29/5/2014 14:38Welcome to Sail for Gold 2014 - Racing starts Monday  
1-6 June 2014, Weymouth, UK

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